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Whole Dried Black Beans - 1kg

Whole Dried Black Beans - 1kg


Did you know dried beans are cheaper and more nutrient-dense than canned beans? Keeping a plentiful stock has never been easier with our 1kg bags!


Beans have been around since pre-Hispanic Mexico and served as a base for daily meals. Not only are black beans prized for their high protein and fibre content, but they also happen to be delicious!


Use them to add creaminess and texture to:










When your bean recipe calls for seasoning, we believe our 'All Purpose' California Chile Seasoning is the perfect go-to. This mild seasoning imparts the most magnificent aroma and mild flavour to virtually any style of cuisine that needs a little kick. Click here to add a bag to your cart today!


Check out the link below for one way to prepare your dried black beans!

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