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Ochoa Nixtamalized Corn Tortillas - 500 gram

Ochoa Nixtamalized Corn Tortillas - 500 gram

$12.95 Regular Price
$10.36Sale Price

Discounted for June

Approx 20 tortillas in pack - can be frozen up to 120 days to lock in freshness.

500 grams of delicious, 140mm nixtamalized corn tortillas that are non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan friendly, packaged in a handy re-sealable bag.


Microwave … Open the plastic pouch and wrap the number of tortillas you wish to heat in a slightly damp tea towel or Tortilla warmer and heat on a Medium / low setting for 90 seconds.Stovetop…. Preheat a nonstick pan, or traditional Mexican commercial pan, to medium heat and heat Tortillas on both sides for approximately 1 minute.


Purchase a Traditional Comal Pan and/or a Tortilla Warmer to go with your Ochoa tortillas.


Nixtamalization is native to Mexico where corn is one of the staple foods. It is the process of adding an alkali solution to the dried corn kernels to transform them into Nixtamal, a product that is more workable, tasty and nutritious than it would have been.

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