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Mexi-Foods 'Seasoning Kit'

Mexi-Foods 'Seasoning Kit'


SAVE 10% when purchased together!

We've put together our top-selling seasonings.. just for you!

Your kit will include:

1 x Beef Taco Seasoning

1 x Chicken Taco Seasoning

1 x Fish Taco Seasoning

1 x All Purpose Seasoning (California Seasoning)

The taco seasonings are self-explanatory, however can be used on other beef, fish and chicken dishes, respectively.

The 'all-purpose' is a mild seasoning that imparts the most magnificent aroma and mild flavour to virtually any style of cuisine that needs a little kick.

Great used in/with soups, stews, scrambled eggs, salsas, refried beans, all meats & fish.

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