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Herdez Roasted Red Salsa Medium - 453 gram

Herdez Roasted Red Salsa Medium - 453 gram

$11.95 Regular Price
$8.37Sale Price

Only traditional ingredients are used to make one of the boldest salsas in the Herdez brand family. Fire-roasted tomatoes combined with jalapeño peppers, onions, and cilantro to create a robust, flavorful salsa with just the right amount of heat.


Whether you’re looking for a spicy dip for chips, a kitchen pantry staple, or a shortcut into the heart and soul of real Mexican cooking, you can’t get more authentic than Herdez Roasted Red Salsa. It’s what you can expect from the No. 1 salsa brand in Mexico.


PLEASE NOTE: Current stock is Best By dated AUGUST 2023. Please read our SPECIALS TERMS before purchasing.

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