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Mesquite Tortilla Press - Hand Crafted

Mesquite Tortilla Press - Hand Crafted


Made in Mexico - Very Limited Availability.


Specially hand crafted in Baja California Mexico for Mexi-Foods NZ, this beautiful tortilla press is made from hard Mesquite. Easy to clean as it does not absorb stains like cheaper wooden presses. It also allows you to make thinner, larger tortillas.


Handling Instructions for Imusa Tortilla Press

This tortilla press is essentially a device that will form your Masa flour into an unfinished tortilla that requires finishing by hand or rolling pin to obtain a tortilla of the diameter and thickness you require. Please do not place unnecessary pressure on the press handle as it will likely break. Please press down gently. Not for commercial use.

NOTE: The press will allow for a corn tortilla to be pressed to 20cm in size. However, without much gluten, they can only get so big before crumbling to pieces. We recommend keeping the size below 15cm.

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