About Us

Bienvenidos to our all new look, amazing, fun and user friendly on-line store!

Our journey south of the border began in 1994 – with the idea that more New Zealanders should be eating Mexican Food.

After contacting the producers from an address on the back of a can - we started bringing in a few cartons on other people's pallets and then our own pallets in other peoples containers.

Finally, we now have regular container shipments with the biggest range of Mexican foods and beverages in Australasia – which can be delivered straight to your door anywhere in New Zealand for just $5.00.


2 for 1 Specials

Please note, the difference between the Best Before or Best By dating and the Use By dating is that an exceeded Use By date on any product is more likely to cause a Health Risk.

Mexi-Foods 2 for 1 specials are all products with a Best Before or Best By (or similar) format in Mexican labelling that are guaranteed good for consumption and highly unlikely to cause any health issues. These are similar products that are commonly seen in retail stores throughout New Zealand with the same notification to the consumer and typically discounted to clear.

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