Ole Mole!

We have on offer four fabulous Moles

* Cocina Mestiza Green Mole Guerrero Style Paste - $12.95
* Cocina Mestiza Black Mole Oaxaca Style Paste Sauce - $12.95
* Cociana Mestiza Red Mole Puebla Style Sauce - $12.95
* Dona Maria Mole Traditional - $7.95

The Mole typically contains a mixture of chiles, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. They sometimes include unsweetened chocolate, tomatoes, raisins, avocado leaves, epazote and various spices may be used. Many including the most famous Mole Poblano or Poblano de guajolote, from Puebla, is said to be the first to contain chocolate. Being so well known, this may account for the mole being thought of as a chocolate sauce.

One of the stories as to how Mole was invented is that it accidentally created by a Dominican Nun who was preparing a guiso (cooked dish, stew) of pureed roasted chile, cinnamon, pepper, cilantro, sesame seeds and turkey broth and decided to add some chocolate, which, according to her, sent the dish through the roof with an indescribable flavour. We may never know if this is indeed true, but it makes a very good yarn!

It is perhaps more probable that the mole was developed over a long period dating back to pre-Hispanic times and then incorporating Spanish ingredients making it a truly multi cultural dish.

Serving Suggestions:

Try … sautéing cooked chicken, onions, sliced garlic, mushrooms & fresh red peppers. Follow the directions on the mole jar and, Serve on steamed rice with our fabulous El Rancho Tortillas.

Great with all - poultry, red meat or any vegetarian dishes. A Must Try Experience! 


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